Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring cleaning...

spring has sprung... flowers are starting to blossom, the sun is starting to shine more, and the days are slowly starting to last a bit longer encouraging us all to get out and soak up its goodness.

and with spring comes spring cleaning... a time to shed all that kept us warm through winter and make room for the newness and fresh start that spring brings.

i like the idea of organized closets and a life where everything has its place in the perfect martha stewart-y kinda way, but sadly, i am not the best at keeping things this way. it will be something that i probably work at for the rest of my life...

this weekend, in my attempt to spring clean, i took a tip out of lucky and brought my closet organization to the next level to see if it will help me keep things orderly for longer than just a few weeks.

i weeded out the old and then sorted and stacked my jeans according to cut...then. labeled. them...whoah! this should help me figure out what stack to put my jeans into and save me from folding and jamming them quickly into any open spot. this idea will then carry over to my drawers and if all goes according to plan, next spring my closet will still look as neat and tidy as it does right now..voila!

what are some of your tricks to keeping and organized closet?? i'm open for suggestions!

Monday, March 28, 2011

i use to hate...but now they're great

i've never really been a fan of cheap monday jeans. every pair i've ever tried on has been too tight and wayyyyyyyyyy too much effort for me to squeeze into.

as of late, i've seen the brand popping up more and more,and as i peruse the racks i quickly breeze by them while quietly cursing them under my breath...that was until this past weekend.

i was just in one of my favorite neighborhood shops and the salesclerk suggested that i try on a pair of cheap mondays. in the nicest way possible, i told her that those jeans and i just weren't meant to be. surprisingly, she knew exactly what i meant and she proceeded to tell me about how she, "use to be the BIGGEST HATER," but that this one particular cut had changed her mind. just to appease her, i told her i'd give them a whirl but that if i came out of the dressing room frustrated and feeling in need of lipo then she was going to owe me, big time.

and go figure... out of the six things i tried on, the only thing i ended up walking with was the pair of cheap mondays.

they definitely stepped up their game... this mid-rise jean hits just below the belly button, has good stretch, and hugs ever-so-gently along your stems. they rivel my jbrands (which is saying a lot)and for a fraction of the price ($65 dolla' make you holla!!)... i just may be back for more.

Friday, March 25, 2011

entertain-tip #4... it's not NOPA, but it's close

if you live in san francisco, you know and love NOPA. you love the vibe. you love the food. and you probably don't even mind the hour+ wait because you can soak in the scene, relish in the communinal chatter, and stare at the mouth watering goodness coming out of the kitchen all while sipping on a most delectable cocktail (or glass of wine).

everything is good. everything. but i have a soft spot in my heart for the warm bubbly goodness of their giant bean appetizer. it takes the edge off of my grumbling stomach in a oozey, homecooked, comfort food way... and they're beans so they're high in protein and healthy, right?

but since i can't indulge in NOPA every day, i thought i'd try to recreate at home...

it's delish. and a perfect, easy yet impressive, appetizer to share with some of your greatest friends over a bottle of wine (like i did tonight.)

recipe for: "almost NOPA's" giant beans

**you can get all ingredients from your local trader joes

- a jar of trader joe's giant white beans in tomato sauce
- goat cheese crumbles
- panko breadcrumbs
- hint of pesto

pre-heat oven to 375. layer beans into a flat oven proof ramekin. add a heavy layer of goat cheese crumbles & slightly mix in with the beans. spatter little drops of pesto on top... not too much, not too little.

pop in oven for 10 minutes. take out and sprinkle a generous dusting of panko on top. pop back in oven for another 5 minutes until panko is browned and the sauce is bubbly.

serve with pita chips, sliced bread or crostini's.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

that's b-a-n-a-n-a-s...

i love bananas.
i eat bananas quite often.
and, i just found out that i've spent my entire life opening them the. wrong. way.

i didn't even KNOW there was a wrong way until my husband (who doesn't even like bananas) showed me the difference.

most of us grab a banana from the bunch & peel from the stem down...

but the correct, most efficient, easy and fail proof way to open one is to pinch the other end and gently pull apart.

it's easy.
it's how monkey's do it.
AND...you don't get those stringy things this way!

try it. it'll make you want to open the whole bunch.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

big & flowy...

i know i just posted about flared jeans, but i can't help but reinforce my love for all things big and flowy in the legs.

maybe it's because giselle is wearing it, but i can't stop obsessing over this jumpsuit from h&m's bohemian deluxe collection... and for $20 bucks, i'm pretty sure you'll find me wearing it & waltzing my way around town in it this spring.

and i promise, the next post will have nothing to do with flared anything.

Monday, March 21, 2011

a little or a lotta flare...

in my opinion... the bigger the better. i've got a few pairs in my jean repertoire, but i want bigger.

a) pick up a pair
b) slip on your favorite tall shoe for added height and a streamlined, legs-for-miles, look
c) accessorize

...then hit the town and watch heads turn.

**photo via the sartorialist

Sunday, March 20, 2011

entertain-tip #3... sgroppino

years ago i helped open a restaurant and was introduced to this lovely gem of a drink. we'd serve it to our most favorite customer's at the end of a meal as a way to say thanks (and please leave a good tip!).

sgroppino is a burst of slushy goodness in your mouth. it's perfect for cleansing your palate after a dinner.... or perfect, in my opinion, just about any time.

and on top of being perfect, it's suuuuuuuuuuper simple to make.

1 cup lemon sorbet
2 cups prosecco
a shot or two of vodka (optional)

stick all ingredients in a blender until perfectly slushed.
whip them up in small batches or feel free to make a pitcher!

once you've perfected the basic recipe, feel free to get experimental. things that i may or may not have tried in my sgroppino's include:
raspberry sorbet, a hint of mint, blueberries, meyer lemon zest, the teeniest hint of rosemary

please let me know when you whip up a batch...and, i'll be right over.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


the earthquake, tsunami, and continuing devastation in japan has left my heart feeling heavy.

i've spent the last week searching for the silver lining hiding somewhere within all the catastrophe, and praying that the universe will watch over this tiny island of a nation, help them rebuild & restore their lives and rejuvenate their spirits.

here's how the creative geniuses up at weiden are showing their support for japan... now let's do our part to help.

photo: hiroto sekiguchi (ap)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the power of the written note...

we live in a world where efficiency is king and people are looking for a faster, easier, less time consuming way to get things done.
and i get it...i can't deny the ease that all these technological advances have brought to my life, but there is a lot lost in translation and something very special that i cherish and crave about the slower, more face to face less text to text days of yore...

i still love to write notes and send cards the good old fashioned way. it forces me to think more about what i'm writing and i find great joy in thinking about how my little letter will find it's way to whomever i send it off to.

and even more that writing the letter, i love the joy & happiness it brings to those on the receiving end. i know i do a happy little mail jig when i see a brightly colored, hand addressed envelope standing out in my pile of mail... i'm sure you know and love that feeling, too.

so, go ahead. pick a person. write a note and send.

i guarantee you that the $.44 you spend will be well worth the happiness you bring to that person.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

spring awakening...

this little romper from steven alan's spring lookbook makes me giddy for spring.

our clocks have sprung forward, flowers are starting to bloom, and the days are slowly starting to get warmer... now all i need is mr. alan to send me a little care package.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the "bottle-bilities" are endless...

it may not be the prettiest website, but the possibilities that lie within are truly endless.

a few things that i just might try...

bottle a six pack of homemade libations, slap on a cute little label, and surprise a thirsty friend.

give your spice rack an upgrade and a newer, fresher look. then take on your pantry. there's a jar or a bottle for just about every ingredient you've got.

whip up a batch of secret sauce, place a fabric square over the cap and tie a piece of string around it to make a sweet favor or holiday gift for family and friends.

infuse olive oil and create a fun label. bring a fresh baguette and a bottle of your oil as a hostess gift.

what will you do??

the teeny-bopper within...

oh biebs. i'm not quite sure how it happened, but you've managed to bring my 20 year crush on donnie whalberg to a screeeeeching halt AND run off with my heart... all in the matter of a few weeks.

yes, you're 17 and i'm 33 but i've got to thank you for awakening the lively little teeny-bopper inside of me and giving her reason to get giddy again. i've read your vanity fair article...i've watched you melt hearts on ellen...i've seen your movie...and each of those further confirmed just how RAD you are.

sweet, sincere, witty, confident, hardworking and real... i hope stardom never changes you.

at my age, i just wouldn't feel right decorating my bedroom walls from top to bottom with pictures of you or spend half of my day dreaming about how we'll fall madly in love and live happily ever after... but if you happen to see me running around town in an unmarked, purple, american apparel hoodie you can be damn sure that it's my grown up way of showing you how AWESOME i think you are.

oh..and justin...one more little thing.
if you do happen to see me running around town in my hoodie, can you please make sure to stop me, so you can autograph it, and maybe if i'm lucky... give me front row tixs to your next show? thanks dude.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

entertain-tip #2...theme

the simplest way to add some spark to any event is to give it a theme. and, i'm not talking about an elaborate costumed affair or black tie event (unless that is what you're looking for) but just little touches here & there to help set the mood and make it feel special.

the theme kicks everything up to the next level ties your event together, turning even the most simple brunch into a memorable day.

here are a few ideas:

mambo italiano
dress up your average italian dinner by decorating the table with red & white checked tablecloths... jars filled with breadsticks, parmesan cheese & red pepper...bottles and bottles of chianti...and maybe a few stick-on mustaches for added flair.

wigs & wine
throw a party where everyone has to come with a bottle of wine and wearing a wig. you provide more wine, the nibbles, the music, and a few accessories (this is where a costume closet comes in handy...bow ties, hats, boas, costume jewelry) to help your guests embrace their new look...and make sure to have a camera or polaroid on hand to document the night!

the perfect picnic
on a sunny day, make a variety of sandwiches, pack a cooler filled with your favorite mix of icy beverages, and pack some ooey-gooey treats of the most delicious kind. then pull together a stack of blankets, your bocce ball & horseshoe sets, a couple decks of cards, some dice, a few magazines, your favorite portable speakers and head to the park. your friends will flock.

...get the drift? now you try.

move over flip flop...

i'm a big fan of flip-flops and although i'll never give them up, my attention has been recently focused on the comfy, wear anywhere, traditional espadrille...and not just any espadrille..solamente SOLUDOS.

they are the perfect mix of canvas, jute and comfort.
they come in a variety of colors and fun prints.
and best of all... they hug your foot in just the perfect way.

wear them to your favorite music festival. wear them with rolled cut offs and a button down cotton shirt. wear them at a beachside bbq. wear them with a cute flowered romper. wear them with a fun pair of colored khaki's and an oversized shirt.

a more hearty shoe than your average flip-flop and less intense than their wedge heeled espadrille cousins. dress them up or dress them down. and for less than $30, you best go out and buy yourself a few pairs...

**photos via: soludos