Sunday, March 6, 2011

move over flip flop...

i'm a big fan of flip-flops and although i'll never give them up, my attention has been recently focused on the comfy, wear anywhere, traditional espadrille...and not just any espadrille..solamente SOLUDOS.

they are the perfect mix of canvas, jute and comfort.
they come in a variety of colors and fun prints.
and best of all... they hug your foot in just the perfect way.

wear them to your favorite music festival. wear them with rolled cut offs and a button down cotton shirt. wear them at a beachside bbq. wear them with a cute flowered romper. wear them with a fun pair of colored khaki's and an oversized shirt.

a more hearty shoe than your average flip-flop and less intense than their wedge heeled espadrille cousins. dress them up or dress them down. and for less than $30, you best go out and buy yourself a few pairs...

**photos via: soludos

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