Tuesday, May 24, 2011

lay on this...

if you love summer picnics or days spent laying in the sand enjoying the sun, then you should most definitely purchase one of these steven alan beach blankets.

infact, why don't you go buy yours and then come back and finish reading this post... i'll wait. hurry, hurry because i don't want them to be sold out before you get yours.

.... great! which one did you get? i know it was a wee bit expensive, but i promise you, you will not be disappointed. i was lucky to get my hands on one last year and i smile every time i unroll it, shake it out and set it down.

this blanket is 60" x 84" inches of light & airy, super soft cotton. it's compact enough to fit in just about any tote bag and by far the best looking blanket on the beach, in the park, or wherever you choose to lay this puppy down.

and yes... with you sitting on top of this pretty thing, you are SURE to be noticed. so strike a pose and enjoy the attention.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

entertain-tip #6... put a ring on them

i'm a big believer in the simple things... nothing too ornate or over the top, so that (whatever the object may be...) its innate beauty and charm can shine through.

so when i spotted the leather napkin holders @ bar bambino, i had to ask and find out where they were from.

turns out the charcuterie obsessed, wine loving, passionate staff @ bar bambino are also quite handy, cutting & doweling these leather straps themselves.

learning that lil' tid-bit not only inspired me to try and get my hands on some remnant leather pieces & make some of my own, but got me thinking about how easy it would be to replicate this with just about any material.

leather, lace, cotton, linen... you name it.

it's easy as 1,2,3...
1. cut material into triangles.
2. punch a whole at the widest end.
3. roll up napkin, wrap fabric around it, and pull thru the hole!

and voila!

...finally some napkin rings that my linens will be happy to wear!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the pocahontas within...

if i still had my long hair, i'd head for my hairstylist and have her adorn my tresses with these plumes of feathery loveliness...

feather's have been popping up on runways and as accessories for a while now, but there is something about the upcoming long warm days of summer that has the laid back boho-pocohontas in me yearning for one.

i think it would be the perfect accessory... tucked discreetly near the nape of my neck, that would whisk me into a daydream, sitting on a sandy beach, music playing softly in the background with a gorgeous sunset, feet buried in the sand, and the sweet mix of salt water and suntan lotion filling the air. relaxed. enjoying life's simple pleasures and feeling light as a feather.

but alas, i have short hair, so the feather extension will be subbed out for a lovely pair of feather earring, with the same daydream... but if YOU have long hair, please put a feather in your hair and let your pocahontas roar.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

treat yourself...

did you grow up loving frozen bananas?

you know... the ones that came on a stick and were dipped in chocolate?

remember how hard and messy they were to eat?

welllll, if you loved the taste and hated the mess, then boy do i have a treat for you! meet trader joe's gone bananas. the big brains over at trader joe's headquarters decided to chop up the 'nanner THEN dip it in chocolate. the result is not only a better chocolate to banana ratio but a less messy and uber-delicious treat.

pick up a box... pop a slice or two into your mouth to satisfy a sweet tooth OR, for a more decadent dessert... grab a little peanut-butter, put some on a slice and then go banana's and repeat until there are none left!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

le homage to le pliage...

take a look around town and chances are you'll see plenty of longchamp le pliage totes adorning the shoulders of ladies on the go...from the young, up & coming twenty-something to the slightly older yet classic longchamp lady, each carrying the pliage of their color choice as an everyday handbag.

i get it. it's a simple bag that is easily recognizable. a more "grown-up" canvas bag without being a canvas bag, but nothing that i'd HAVE to HAVE... BUT if you up the size of the bag, add an expandable zipper & shoulder strap to it, then you've REALLY got something necessary.

meet the le pliage expandable carry on. it is thee best catch all for any overnighter, weekend trip, or simple day at the beach. my closest friends and i each have one (thanks to the peacock) and can't get enough.

if you're looking for a gift for a mom or friend, or simply a little splurge for yourself, i highly encourage you to pass up the everyday tote and grab yourself le pliage de mieux!

simply perfect...

i'm the kind of girl who is always on the lookout for the perfect accessory. perfect for me varies in style, but it usually meets the following criteria...

- eye-catching
- slightly edgy
- fun to wear
- versatile

...so you can imagine my jaw-dropping gasp when i came across jewelry designer laura lombardi's latest collection. each piece is covet-able and simply (by my standards) perfect...not to mention hand-crafted and made from vintage & repurposed materials.

my biggest decision is going to be what piece (or pieces) to buy first...hmmmm.

Monday, May 2, 2011

entertain tip #5 ... sangriahhhhhh

for those of you who know me, you know that i'm a pretty big fan of day drinking. and although my definition of day drinking may have matured since my early 20's, my love for it is still going strong.

whether it's a super chilled glass of wine, a cold beer, or a tall glass filled to the brim with ice & a delicious concoction of the stiffest kind, drinks just make sunny days all the more perfect.

to celebrate the start of sunny days, i thought i'd share with you my sangria recipe. it takes 24 hours to make, so whip up a batch tonight and then call your friends and tell them to come over tomorrow... the weatherman said it's going sunny and hot!


2 bottles of red wine... spanish preferred, but any kind will work.
1 cup tequila OR brandy... whichever you prefer
1/2 cup simple syrup*
1/2 cup triple sec
1 cup pom juice
1 cup orange juice... no pulp!
green apples

make simple syrup, cool. mix all other ingredients in a BIG bowl. make some space in your 'fridge, cover the bowl, and refrigerate over night.

as for the fruit...
i prefer the fruit in my sangria to be on the crunchier side, so i slice my apples and oranges a couple of hours before serving. if you prefer your fruit to pack a heavier punch, slice and let marinate over night with the sangria.

serve sangria in a punch bowl or pitcher.
ladel/pour over ice.
enjoy... many, many glasses.


* simple syrup is 50/50 mixture of water & sugar, heated until sugar dissoves, then cooled.