Friday, April 22, 2011

an EGGcellent idea...

if you don't already read and love jordan ferney, then you most definitely should. she is a party loving, fun having, decorating genius (who is also living in paris right now which makes me envy her even more!). anyways, she's always full of AMAZING ideas and is a great resource for inspiration.

her latest easter post, on how her friend made confetti eggs sent me into a daydream about a massive egg-hunting extravaganza...

the dream goes a little something like this...
clever invitations have been sent to your closest family and friends inviting them to meet you at the lushest greenest park of your choice for an easter egg hunt and celebration of the grandest kind.

easter is a gorgeous and sunny day and everyone arrives, in their most dapper easter outfits, to see a large circle of blankets, one for each family. on each blanket are baskets for each family member and a larger basket filled with perfect picnicky food and drink. every family finds their homebase and settles in to hear the rules...

rules are simple.
eggs have been hidden. find them. collect as many as you can and return to your blanket when done.

music plays and everyone breaks into hippity-hoppity-hysteria scooping up eggs as fast as they can.

once everyone is back at their blankets...the real fun begins. everyone takes their egg collection, steps into the center of the circle, and the egg smashing begins.

yep... eggs meet heads.

confetti flies...contagious laughter fills the air..and everyone is living in the moment...their only care in the world is to smash and avoid being smashed on. pure delight ensues... and then slowly, as eggs run out, the game comes to an end.

and since, we'd be playing with a golden glitter egg... after the confetti settles, one person will be adorned in gold glitter and be given their prize. in my dream... the prize is a bottle (or two) of champagne for an adult and perhaps a most heavenly basket of treats for a kid.

from there, the music continues to play... blankets break out of the circle and start congregating together into one big happy picnic in the park.

then...there might be bocce, there might be horseshoes, but there will for sure be a blissful group of friends enjoying the sun & enjoying easter as one big happy family.

**photos via: oh happy day

Thursday, April 14, 2011

instant gratification...practically

i have a confession to make. i shop online. kind of a lot. mostly shoes & accessories because they are the most likely to fit and look as good on me as they do in the pictures.

so because i shop, i tend to have a few favorite go-to sites. wasn't one of them, until the other day when a friend of mine sent me a link to these seychelle eye to eye wedges that i fell in love with.

i checked my go-to sites but then came back to endless because they had a 25% of sandals promo and free overnight shipping. i placed my order at 3pm tuesday and by wednesday at 10:30am i had a box with my name on it waiting for me in the lobby.

i couldn't believe how fast my shoes arrived! i was shocked, in a little bit of disbelief, suppppppppper impressed, and pretty sure that has magical elves working for them.

you can bet your bottom dollar that i'll be a flash.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the unpronouncably cool...

just bought my son a fjallraven's kanken daypack. i'm kind of obsessed with much so, that i might pick one up for myself.

the swedish get it right every time... made of natural fibers, this daypack has a simple yet functional design that will stand the test of time. it's got pockets and compartments in all the right places without being overbearing.

PLUS, it comes in fifteen colors.

you might raise an eyebrow upon first look, but trust me all the cool kids will be sporting one soon enough.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

hanky pysanky...

every year when easter rolls around, i find myself trying to think of fun, creative, eye catching ways to decorate eggs. but, nothing i do holds a candle to the elaborately beautiful pysanky eggs of nicole bergeron.

pysanky is a ukranian decorating technique where eggs are decorated in very detailed patterns using batik techniques. if you can't tell from looking at these mini-masterpieces, pysanky requires time, patience, and a skilled steady hand...

i'm tempted to try and make ONE egg and show it off at easter, but i am not sure i'm quite up for the challenge. plus, with easter only two weeks away, the better bet is for me to visit nicole's shop and buy a few.

Friday, April 8, 2011

a step up...

when you're short on time, there are several ways to send out an electronic invite... there's the group email, there's evite and then there's paperless post. both are easy, online alternatives to real paper invitations and cards, but one of these is clearly a step above the other.

if you haven't already, i urge you to check out and browse through the thousand of options that paperless posts offers. they have something for every occassion and have done an incredible job at re-creating the ritual and excitement that ensues when you get a handwritten note or invite. see an envelope. click to open. read. reply.

the quality and design of each piece of stationery mixes the authentic look and feel of a handwritten note with the efficency needed to keep up in today's fast moving world... not to mention, they're working with some of the hottest vendor in the stationery world.

it's such a incredibly brilliant concept that i SO wish had been mine. and to boot, the founders are a brother and sister team in their TWENTIES!

... oh, if only i had been a dartmouth grad!

Monday, April 4, 2011

it's the good fat...

i'm in love with coconut. i love to eat it. i love the smell. i drink the water. and, i even use a subtle smelling coconut body lotion. so when i came across these roasted coconut chips at the market, i threw a pack in my cart without thinking twice.

but what i should have done is stocked my cart full of them because these chips are serious deliciousness.

thin little slices of perfectly roasted, crunchy yet buttery, goodness. you can not eat just one. and if you feel guilty about eating the whole bag (or five) don't worry, it's the good kind of fat!

the company offers several different kinds of chips and if the rest are half as good as the coconut, i may just have found a new favorite way to eat my five a day!