Wednesday, November 28, 2012

obsessed to the maximus...

i love art. i love kids. i love clothes... so why, oh why, oh why didn't i think of this brilliant little company?

well....there are probably several reasons as to why i didn't, but it makes me damn glad that megan & sophie did.

meet mini & maximus... probably the coolest kids line i've ever come across. 

it's inspired by the wild, free and pure hearts that kids explore the world with. 

it's fun. it doesn't take itself to seriously. it champions the creative spirit and takes pride in uniqueness.

if you're not already clicking thru and checking out their collections, then take a few moments to read will make you love them all the more.

curren loves to draw (and hopefully beckett will too) so you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be submitting our scribbles to them soon!

** photos: mini & maximus

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