Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sister... sister

the sartorialist is always always good for whisking me away and plopping me in the middle of an every day street scene that captures a moment and makes me want to linger in it.

this picture...the one with the two sisters. this one makes me miss MY sister. it makes me want to transport her here, into my every day life, permanently.

i love the contrast sums up sisters so well. their similarities in looks and stature paired with the vast difference in personal style. 
but yet, you can sense their closeness and know this picture would make thier momma proud.
... and then there is this one. this picture makes me giddy and makes me cherish my closest of close, most bestest friends. my soul sisters. my kindred spirits. and my missing pieces. 

i love that you can't even seen the girls faces, but just from their body language you know they're close. having deep chats, conspiring, giggling their way thru the day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

terrific two...

being able to view the world thru the eyes of a child is a pretty magical thing... today marks my 730th day taking the world in from this vantage point and, i must admit, i am forever changed.

from here...  each day is greeted with a smile...the world is a big place with an adventure around every corner... and each step is an exploration in wear your heart on your sleeve... you trust in people... you laugh at yourself,..and you cry, appreciate the small embrace your cherish the security of home... you pass no judgement...there is always love & a smile to share...and you laugh, SO much.

curren oliver, you rule. your wit, passion, kindness and eye for adventure inspire me. i love you beyond belief. happy birthday!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

finger find...

wow. just discovered these rings (here & here) from st.kilda's eclectic line of jewelry. i'm completely obsessed with the subtle, hidden details of both versions. would be the perfect token of love for the romantic's out there or a push present for those momma's to be.

now...i've got to figure out a way to convince my honey that i'm deserving of yet another piece of jewelry to adorn my fingers

Thursday, September 8, 2011

missoni for moi...

i know the line is going to go like hot cakes, but you can bet your bottom dollar i'll be in line 9/13 to get some missoni for moi!


tried on a pair of raven jeans this weekend... and i'm pretty sure i've have found a new favorite jean brand.

meet remy
she's skinny. she hugs you in all the right places. she come in lots of amazing colors and patterns.. and, she runs a little big so she actually makes you feel the skinniest version of yourself because you get to size down!

i've got the aztec and cadet blue colors in my cart... do i dare splurge on the scotch too???