Wednesday, October 17, 2012

on a lays potato chip. you can't listen just once.

they've been around, but they've never been so good. 

hacienda's newest album shakedown proves that there are actually some good things that come from texas.

hope you're ears are as happy as mine...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

girlie radness...

girly print dress... check

ballet flats... check

scooter... check

helmet for safety & style... check

bad ass italian confidence while while showing a little leg during a commute...check

pretty much a perfect recipe for a morning (or afternoon) commute. i bet this little betty was turning heads (and hopefully not causing accidents) as she weaved in and out of traffic in milan.

love her.

**photo:the satorialist

i blame him...

well, hello!

look at me... here i am...back after a 3.5 month hiatus! 

what happened you ask? well, i just went and had myself another bundle of joy and decided to soak up every minute of my newest little pickle... meet beckett indy.

i didn't plan on going m.i.a. but i did... but now, i'm back to work. and with work comes a little more time to myself... which means more time for pompoms & peonies!