Thursday, January 19, 2012

flatbed to nowhere...

a little glimpse into a super dreamy kinfolk shoot...

i know just the group i'd have sitting around this table with me for a magical evening under the a the middle of nowhere... on a flatbed.

Kinfolk Mag - Supper Shoot from Son of Shark Pig on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

permanent ink...

i've been told a time or two throughout my life that i have nice  writing...printing...cursive...whatever it may be.

...because it's mine, i tend to love it sometimes and hate it sometimes, but in the grand scheme of things, it's legible, fairly uniform, and yeah... it usually tends to look decent on paper.

but of my best friends took our friendship to another level and had her girls names tattoo'ed in my writing onto her wrists. i've spent the last two months trying to talk her our of this and into the billions of gorgeous fonts and typefaces available, but in the end she.chose.mine... and even though i might cringe because i don't think my cursive is worthy of being permanent...i'm beyond flattered.

guess this means i'll be a part of her life forever....

hee.hee.hee. sucka! 


missoni me!

i'm pretty confident that i don't have the talent, patience or ambidextrous-ness to pull these off all on my own... 

i mean, i might be able to get my left hand to look decent, but my right one would look a little more, well... abstract.

BUT... a few of my favorites and i are sneaking away for a night this weekend, and with a forecast of rain we might have just found the perfect rainy day DIY project to take on.

so...if you're in calistoga and happen to see three ladies with matching sets of missoni nails sipping champagne, giggling the night away, and cherishing their coveted time together... that's us, come join.

...and thanks to those lovely ladies at thebeautydepartment for the how to lesson!!

white is right...

while reading one of my faves the other day, i stopped dead in my tracks when i saw these simply fabulous cake toppers from potter & butler.

...but more than the cake toppers, i loved the juxtaposition of the bright white frosted goodness and the pops of color within the cake toppers.

so simple & so pretty, with a hint of dramatic worked in.

february is a BIG birthday month for my family and friends which means you might find me baking up one or two of these.

... OR if i get reallllllllllly crazy one of these! how cool would it be to find that hiding behind the blanket of white. 

eeek!!! where's my apron!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

four eyes...

oh blake... you are such a do-gooder and with your one for one movement you help make it easy for the rest of us to help do-good too.

first... you made a simple, canvas shoe spread like wild fire with your generous shoe matching, and then upped the anty when you started making different styles and incorporating fun colors and fabrics into the mix. 

and now that we've got lots of feet covered, you've honed in on a new "need worthy" body part, helping bring the gift of eyesight to those who don't have the luxury of an optometrist or access to the world of eye wear that we do.

thank you for TOMS and for doing what you do. 

i bet your momma is so super duper proud of you.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

i am...2012

ahhhh, 2012... a new year filled with fresh beginnings, revived purpose, and resolution upon resolution being made. i love that the new year symbolizes wiping the slate clean and preparing yourself to put your best foot forward. 

they say that we've lived our whole life to prepare for this moment. each moment. each brand new day. but often times, kind of like new year's resolutions, we end up taking it for granted and wasting it away by getting consumed in the pettiness that lurks around every corner.  

we all know better and sometimes it just takes something or someone to whack you over the head and get you back on path... well over new year's, i got whacked over the head. so much so that i want to share it with you too.

my parents, husband, and i sat down one night to watch a movie and came across this documentary, I AM. we watched the preview and decided to watch the whole thing. from minute one until the closing credits, i was sucked in (and this is HUGE, because anyone who knows me knows that i tend to fall asleep in pretty much any movie i watch at home).

I AM is inspiring, it's smart, it's enlightening, and downright amazing. yet, it's so simple. 

everything in this world is made of the same stuff and we're all connected. we have more power to help and to change than we think we do. so be kind. be a community. cooperate. love. it's all we need to make a difference.

so, as you sit down to write your new year's resolutions. i encourage you to watch this movie and embrace it's message. I AM ready, are you?