Tuesday, August 30, 2011

good glass...

loving the metallic gold & silver geometric glassware from dwell studios.

it's reminecent of the funky cool iconic glassware of georges briard from the 60's and 70's that made sipping on a cocktail look uber-chic.

mix and match your way to a perfect set... 

and to really W-O-W your guests, freeze up a tray full of these to chill your beverages and make them look picture perfect.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

coo-coo for coco..nut water

by now you've all seen, tasted or heard about the benefits of sipping coconut water... you probably either a) don't care for it or b) are fairly obsessed with it. 

i happen to lie in the camp of the latter and just can't seem to get enough of it's five essential-electrolyte-hydrating-wonderness.

my go-to is just plain, natural, coconut water... poured over a tall glass filled to the brim with ice, served with a big squeeze of lime. 

it's refreshing. it's hydrating. it's filled with potassium and it often serves as my afternoon pick me up. 

BUT for a special treat... zico's chocolate flavor hits. the. spot.

i prefer it, again, over a big glass of ice...but this time with no lime & i add a straw.  it's like a grown up, healthy version of chocolate milk, and sippin' this icy delight up thru a straw makes me feel like a kid again. 

i know the thought of it is a little weird, but i promise you, it's deeeeelicious.  plus...it satisfies a sweet tooth without adding extra cushion on your backside.

thank you zico...oh,and p.s.- hope to see you slinging free waters around town again soon. i'm running low on stock you sent me home with last time and would appreciate s'more.

Monday, August 22, 2011

sneak appeal...

sneakers paired with a girly frock of your choice... i'm diggin'. in fact, i've got the perfect pair of metallic gold high-top chucks waiting to be dressed up instead of down. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

tequila love... it takes your breath away

i love random facts. i stumble upon them in the strangest of places and then file them away in the ever expanding "random facts" pocket of my noodle.
the latest of random facts came to me this past weekend at a post-outsidelands party hosted by patron.

needless to say, i was in tequila heaven and made sure i did my research on the newest funnest ways to mix up tequila based bevvies.

while in line for the restroom i started chattin' with two girls and out of the blue one girl goes, "do you know why tequila gives you that body shudder when you take a shot?" and in unison the other girl and i say, "no, why???"

well... it turns out that tequila and oxygen don't really like each other, so whether you're shooting or sipping your tequila, you're supposed to take a deep breath and then exxxxxxxxxxhale out all the air to allow the true essence of its deliciousness to take over your tastebuds.

so... there, while in line for the bathroom, we put her fact to the test and YES, there is a big difference. Tequila's sweeter, woodsy, silkier sides shows and leaves you smiling, with no body shudders and no need to have a lime chaser. good to know, right?

and... for my fellow tequila lover's, DO be sure to check out patron's XO cafe. it's their coffee liqueur made from tequila and it is deeeeeeeeeeeelicious. rest assured it won't take the place of my morning latte, but it will most definitely be mixed into my cocktail arsenal!

breath out and enjoy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

four-eye fabulousness

a few months back i saw the violet pair of these mmj 462's on a stylish mom & had to stop and ask her WHO made them & WHERE she got them.

they were grown up yet playful and gave her that confidently cool geeky chicness that takes the practicalness out of having glasses & puts the glamour into them.

plus...go figure, marc makes them.

i fell in love with the violet, just found a pretty sweet deal on the frames, and am pretty sure they'll be showing up in my mailbox soon...but there's something very sally jesse raphael-esque about the red ones that are speaking to the inner talk show host in me. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

entertain-tip #8... make the house warm.

whether it's moving apartments or buying a home, we've all had friends or family members give up their old digs in turn for a better view, more squre footage, a fresher coat of paint, or simply a newer nest to call their own.  

i love the anticipation and sense of new beginnings that a move conjures up. a move is, at it's very core, a change... and change is always emotional.  personally, i think a move is a sign of growth... a chance to leave behind what you've outgrown and settle into a new place that will serve as the foundation for whatever your journey holds next.

...and it's probably because i think moving symbolizes so much, that i always find myself struggling for the perfect housewarming gift to bring over that expresses my happiness, support and well wishes for my dear friend.

I've recently done a little research into this act of giving and it turns out that many cultures have their own variations of a how to warm house...

-  a candle so that there will always be light
-  a broom to "sweep away evil"
-  wine so that they never go thirsty
-  honey or chocolate so life continues to be sweet
-  bread so that they never go hungry
-  salt for good luck
-  olive oil for good health

awesome, right? simple yet meaningful. give one or bundle a few together for the perfect package of new house love.

...and when you're the host, don't forget to take these traditions and turn them inward to help create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere for you and your guests:

-  light the candles
-  open the wine
-  serve the bread, salt and olive oil (preferably with cheese & some prosciutto)
-  and end the night with chocolate or a bit o' honey. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

on repeat... dirty gold

since summer's decided to bypass san francisco, i've set out on a quest to transport myself to a dreamy tropical island where all is beachy slow, carefree, and magestic...

roar, is the debut album from san diego indy-pop duo dirty gold. not only is their name awesome, but the five tracks on roar are worthy of any mixed tape you're making this summer.

so...go ahead, dive in and indulge in some of that california sunshine that we've been missing far too long up here in the bay area. 

transport you they will...i promise.

better than than never...

sadly, it'd been a while since i indulged in an afternoon of pampering... but last weekend i was lucky enough to spend a couple hours sipping citrus tea, soaking my toes, and catching up with a couple of girlfriends.

i'm usually pretty good about keeping up with the latest color palettes and fancy-fun choices to adorn my fingers & toes with, but i somehow missed the memo on these two hues of perfection from o.p.i.

skull & glossbones is the perfect neutral and will for sure look better chipped than the summery turquoise i was wearing for far too long.

and ski teal we drop... lighter than russian navy and the most dreamy mix of blue & greeny teal.

both will be in my polish arsenal this fall (and probably thru winter)... and both will definitely be bringing me back into the nail salon sooner rather than later.