Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hanging treasures...

terrariums are most often used to make quaint little homes for succulents and airplants... BUT with a little imagination
these little hanging versions can be instantly turned into a stunning table centerpiece or party decoration.

step one:
go out and buy yourself a bulk box...or two, or three.
step two:
fill them with...
- elements... pebbles, sand, salt, rice
- candy... nerds, marshmallows, conversation hearts, jelly beans

- real or l.e.d tea light candles
- succulents!!
step three
hang them.
- outside... for example: from several different branches of your favorite tree.

- inside... for example: clustered close together & at different lengths above your dining room table

really, the possibilities are endless...

**photos via: botany factory & velocity

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

catch a whiff...

when it comes to perfume, i've always loved the idea of having a signature scent, but am too fickle a person to dedicate myself (thru good times and bad) to just one scent.

i tend to lean towards scents within the fresh, clean, and slightly floral family. philosophy's baby grace is my base, go-to scent. it's fresh and clean with subtle baby-like smells of powder, pure goodness,and maybe the tiniest hint of desitin. and on top of that, or sometimes on their own, i look for other scents that fit how i'm feeling that day.

i discovered my latest scent as a friend whipped the tiny bottle out of her purse and rolled a small dab on herself to freshen up for a night on the town. i caught a whiff and was instantly sucked into the irresistibly sweet smell of fresh grass, citrus and pear. meet leila lou, she oozes girly and leaves you no choice but to slip into your favorite jumper or dress and head out into the world as the flirty-est, funnest version of yourself.

the biggest bonus, is it smells subtly different yet still amazing on everyone.

Friday, February 18, 2011

inspiration icon...martha stewart weddings

oh martha...
where do i even begin? you do it all... from tv. to radio. to the web. to your local department store... living. weddings. body+soul. everyday food. and the long gone, but dearly missed, blueprint. all this, plus the countless other projects you have that i failed to mention, are what makes you this month's inspiration icon.

you've built an empire AND done some legit time in the clink, all while holding your head high, looking beautiful (even in an orange jumpsuit), and convincing the masses of us that we CAN make crafts, cook meals, and decorate our lives with as much ease and perfection
as you do.

you amaze all of us... but you amaze me most with your wedding magazine. i've been married almost four years and i STILL buy your WEDDING magazine... every. time. it. hits. the. stands.

...but, how could i resist?? the color palettes, d.i.y projects, and recipes go well beyond just helping a girl plan the wedding of her dreams. they serve as a GREAT inspiration source for all of us who are looking for fun ways to entertain. it is a go-to resource, a bible of sorts, to thank you for being such an inspiration icon.

and yes... your picture perfect wedding photospreads send me into a daydreaming tailspin that have me begging my husband to let me go all out and plan anniversary celebrations, for us and our closest friends & family,every five years. he rolls his eyes, but i think it's a go.

Monday, February 14, 2011


love big.
love unconditionally.

from my heart to yours. happy valentimes day.

simple as nyc...

dear new york city...

how i love thee.

the energy...
the eclectic-ness...
the treasures tucked around every corner.

i am completely consumed by you & am always taking vigorous notes on the various ways you steal my breath away.

c)art installation. anthropologie

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

entertain-tip #1... guests

i'm a believer that inspiration should be shared, not kept to one's self... that i'll be a better consultant if a share my decorating, styling, and entertaining tips to help inspire Y-O-U.

so with that, i'd like to introduce to you
entertain-tips. up first, your guests.

entertaining to me, is always about the GUESTS. your event isn't necessarily about them, but without them you wouldn't be having much of a party.. so make them feel that.

whether it's the charming details of your decorations, the fabulous edibles that make their mouth's water, the background music that has them dancing, or the games played that inspire endless laughter... keep their interest peaked. give them something to talk about, to cherish, and to remember far after your party is done.

a few examples of how to put this into motion...
goodie bag...of sorts. whether it's a homemade cookie or a cd loaded with your current favorites, send your guests home with a memento of your night.

what would YOU do? at a dinner party, include a tabletopic's (or homemade version) at each place setting to kick-start conversation. **this works especially well when not everybody knows each other.

they're playing our song. slip a few "one hit wonders" or "oldies but goodies" into your music playlist for the evening. not everyone may like the song, but they make for great conversation.

say cheese! polaroid cameras are always a fun way to capture memories. take snapshots throughout your event and either pass them out to guests as they leave or take it a step further and snail mail one or two snapshots to each guest thanking them for making your event so special.

photos by: our labor of love

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


leave it to the urban outfitters, inc. to waltz into the overwhelming world of weddings with an abundance of grace, eclectic style, and charm. on february 14th, a day centered around love & all things romantic, they will unveil BHLDN, their newest retail concept that will focus on offering essentials & details, both big and small, that will help brides-to-be make their wildest dreams come true.

honestly, if this were high school BHLDN would be the new girl that rolls onto campus mid-year and causes mouth's to drop, eyes to gaze longingly, and time to stand still. she'd be the apple of every boys eye & the girl all the rest of the girls wish they could be.

as far a companies go, i admire the imagination, ingenuity, individuality and smarts that spans the urban outfitters portfolio. they find a niche market and make it appealing to the masses. i'd pee my pants to have the opportunity to work here, specifically for what i envision BHLDN being. these jobs are highly sought out and coveted, but if/when they decide to make BHLDN's flagship in san francisco, i will find some way, some how, to waltz right into their heart.

**photos by: kyle erickson