Saturday, January 29, 2011

pink & blue

just because a momma-to-be decides to keep her baby's sex under wraps, doesn't mean you have to settle for the drab color palette of pastel yellows & greens when it comes to throwing her a baby shower.

here we celebrate the surprise by incorporating pink AND blue...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the perfect pair...

why, hell-oooo clogs! i've been keeping my eye out for the perfect clog to welcome into my shoe collection... and i think these fit the bill.

, check.
, catch.
classic enough to outlast the trend
, i think so.

the over-sized fringe and dainty heel-tassels have my feet dancing with desire.

**durbuy: leather fringe platform

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

relax, take off your shoes... stay a while

well hello there! welcome to the blog home of pom-pom & peonies.
this will be ever-evolving inspiration board for my budding little event & styling business.

we're just starting to sprout, but we sure do hope you'll stick around and watch us grow.

inspiration icon... jonathan adler

inspiration is everywhere... especially these days with the help of our little friend the world wide web.

and with inspiration comes
inspiration icons... those people who stand out in the crowd. who grab your attention and suck you into their world. who set the bar in your book. those who light a fire under your butt and motivate you to make your own, individual, mark on this hugely awesome world we live in.

i have a growing list of these icons and the first
i'd like to share with you is jonathan adler... ceramics master and the namesake behind his ever-growing, highly coveted, home decor & interior design business.

he's the hip-daddy of "happy chic" and an inspiration icon to me because... he embraces and confidently exudes his individuality and unique personality as the foundation of his business. from his classic pottery pieces to his newly launched table linens, his pieces are recognizable, a bit quirky & always fun... most importantly, he makes you want to be a part of his world.
oh...and he believes in rustic fave.

in his own words...

Jonathan Adler a design company dedicated to bringing style, craft, joy, and a general feeling of grooviness to your home.